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Virtual Reality

Our 360 panoramas are virtual reality ready for all main VR goggles. A truly unique experience for a wide range of applications...


360 Panoramas

For high quality we always use a Canon DSLR & 'L' Series lenses. The images are captured, stitched together...


Virtual Tours

Once the 360 photography has been captured and processed, a virtual tour can then be created. Numerous options are...


3D modelling

We also have the expertise to create different virtual reality solutions, using photogrammetry techniques to build photo...



Our high quality panoramas are ready for Virtual Reality, enabling the user to immerse themselves in another location. The uses for this are mind-boggling and only limited by the imagination. Our standard VR tour is created by using 360 photography techniques and placing them online ready for global use or specific desktop locations. All major VR goggles are supported. Two links are shown below, these are very different tours, all VR ready (opens in new tab).


For ultra-high quality we always use a Canon DSLR & 'L' Series lenses. These 360 images are very high resolution, enabling the user to inspect the detail, this has proved particularly effective in historic projects were it's important to have a record of the detail. A good example to take a look at is on my sister site, where the imagery is of a high quality (opens in new tab).

We also provide a fast option service, this uses a specific 360 camera which captures a 360 extremely quickly, this is a perfect option where quality isn't as important but the speed or number of setups is more of a priority, see link below


Numerous options are available, whether it's a virtual tour for marketing a hotel, visually rich for a heritage site or info led for a safety conscious complex. Many enhancements are available including the ability to add a floor plan showing the locations of imagery, adding hotspots which when clicked can bring up text, photography and videos.

The tour when finished can be uploaded to your website or provided as a standalone tour ready to be viewed on desktop, laptop or tablet. Below is a link to a recently created tour for Leeps Consulting who specialise in safety training. This now contains additional Covid-19 information for potential users of the site.


As well as 360 imagery, we also have the expertise to produce 3D meshed models from a combination of ground or aerial photography, alternatively CAD models can be created using a wide range of software, these can all be created ready for visualisations and for virtual reality and even augmented reality solutions.
Below is a link to view for 3d examples on sketchfab (opens in new tab).


  • Insights - for example a tour of a historic building to offer an insight into the building.
  • Training - create an information rich tour for training purposes, perhaps a sub-station to train personnell into the layout and equipment. This to run in parallel with existing training techniques.
  • Heritage - often in listed buildings it can be useful to have a detailed photographic record of the internals, this can be an effective visual solution and very user friendly.
  • Construction - this can be essential part of a refurbishment, recording the internal layouts prior to works taking place, particularly in historic or listed buildings.
  • Marketing - this technique can visually enhance a building, whether it's a building for sale or a grand hotel where it's important to showcase the important parts of the property. 
  • Design - 3D modelling lends itself well to showcasing a design, whether internally or externally - imagine showing your client your designs in Virtual Reality!
  • Modelling - 3D high resolution and to scale meshed models, where it's essential to capture accurately and visually the building or site. Please visit our specialist photogrammetry site for more information -
  • Aerial views - we have the capability to produce 360 views from the sky using a drone, we have the permissions and expertise to do this.
  • 360 video - coming soon.

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