360 Virtual Tour of St. Antony's of Padua church

Please note that is a medium resolution tour carried out with a super fast 360 camera, ultra-high resolution tours are available using our traditional DSLR. This particular example was carried out in conjunction with a 3d survey of the archway, see more at for more 3d survey information.


  • Highly customisable - video, information boxes, images, web links, download pdfs/powerpoint and other files.
  • Bespoke - create your own company badges, logos and buttons.
  • Data - final output can be incorporated into a website, intranet or local device. 
  • VR - Virtual goggle ready.
  • eLearning - additional eLearning features can be incorporated. 
  • Aerial views - link aerial views - we have the capability to produce 360 views from the sky using a drone, we have the permissions and expertise to do this.

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